Thursday, March 19, 2009

messy faces

These are some adorable pictures that I have taken lately.
I was watching reruns of Jon and Kate plus 8 the other day. And I guess she is kind of a neat freak. She was actually saying how she mops her kitchen floor three times a day, hands and knees. Now, Jeremy, my dear sweet husband, has labeled me as messy because I don't mop the floor three times a day. I am lucky if it get swept after every meal. But I seem to think that there are more important things in life like...hmmm. What do I do with all my extra time? Do I have extra time?
Ava just licked the chocolate pudding beaters, I feel it's my duty to teach them to lick beaters.
Emma just gets the pudding everywhere. I have removed the liners from their highchairs because it's just too much to wash them and they don't even stay clean very long.
Jeremy made the girls some noodles and added spaghetti sauce. It was a huge hit, they ate a ton. Here is Ava.
"Tadaa!"- Emma

You can tell Ava only uses her left hand to eat.
Super cute smile of Ava.

This is my lizard baby, she is always sticking her tongue out. Here Emma just ate a bite of blueberry yogurt and she wants to show you.
As you can see, Emma uses both hands to paint her tray with spaghetti sauce. Which, by the way, leaves the trays stained for quite some time.
But luckily, it all washes off in the bath tub.
Cute girls!

Happy Birthday Michele (with one L) and Grandpa Ralph!

While we were down in S. Idaho visit for wedding festivities it happened to my my mom's 47th birthday. Wow, my mom is 47. I have friends that are 47, I guess that there isn't that much of an age difference between us at all. Anyway we had a little party. Michele (mom) was not feeling well with a cold and she was super tired after the wedding was all finished. But we had cake and ice cream and she opened her presents. Most of her gifts she picked out herself so I don't know how much fun that was. In this picture Ava is on Grandpa Moser's lap and Emma is standing next to him.

Michele and Jaycee with the wedding/birthday cake, we took of the fondant from the wedding and made our own lemon frosting to complete the cake. The candles were a 4, 5, and two reagular birthday candles = 47.
Wow, how do I get all these great pics of Em?
Ava clapping while we sang happy birthday
Emma being a good helper with presents.
The cake
Emo posing with the cake and ice cream

Then on March 12th it was Grandpa Ralph's birthday which we actually didn't even celebrate until the 15th. But we had German Chocolate cake and ice cream. Which I think is Ava and Emma's favorite. Here Andrew has found a new hair band, so handsom.

BreiAnne, Rhonda, and the birthday cake.

Emma and Natalie, I couldn't get her to look at the camera

Jeremy and Ava, look at her cute little cheesy smile.

Below is the clip of us singing happy birthday to Ralph.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The rolling stones are stuck!

Dad was having troubles with kidney stones. The day we were leaving Preston, he had to go back to work. He almost made it, but then he had another episode. Poor guy. Here he is taking a cat nap in the living room. He always takes his naps like this.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Barnes cousins

Jason and Erin's family came to visit while we were down in S. Idaho. They live in Utah and it's been almost a year since we were able to see them. It was so much fun to visit. Erin looks wonderful and she is expecting a little baby girl in May. Jason is busy with work and school and the kids are so cute. Little Munchkin had gloves on her hands taped to her sleeves so she will learn to stop sucking her thumb, Thumbelina has a darling little raspy voice, and ET looks just like his dad. Ava and Emma were happy to them over to play. In this picture the Barnes are playing a board game. I think ET won.

Here the kids are having some dinner, notice munchkins pink gloves.

Ava and Emma are so happy to have cousins over to play.ET, Munchkin, and Thumbelina

I don't know about you but I think this is one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen. When they were packing up to leave Thumbelinia was feeling bad that she had leave. I miss them already- so the plan is that they have to move closer to us- OK?

P.S.- For some reason I have always thought that if you let a helium balloon go outside and it drifts away that is would land in the ocean and a dolphin would choke on it. Is it true that you must cut the plastic rings that come on a six pack of pop cans so that ducks don't get trapped? Maybe these are things that I was told in my younger years and I am just now coming to terms with them.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Foster-Larsen Wedding

Brittany and Dallas were married last weekend and it was such a beautiful ceremony. I think I cried the whole time. We attened the wedding at the Logan, UT Temple. It was a very cold and blustery day. Afterwards as we were having our pictures taken outside the temple, most of the children were crying it was so cold.
Jeremy and Ava

Jaycee, Madison, and Nate

The Larsens

Cindy and Ava

Emma trying to warm up in the car

Ava and Natalie

The luncheon was at the Coppermill and it was delicious. I don't think there were any other little kids there besides ours. After they were finished eating, the girls were off visiting with the relatives. Both girls fell asleep. Aunt Cindy had Ava and Cousing Molly had Emma.
Emma and Jeremy


Emily and Emma

Later that evening we attnded the reception held at the Whitney Church. By this time the girls were about done being happy and social. They were starting to come down with a cold/cough. So at times they were a little cranky.

Emma and Natalie

Emma, Jeremy, Ava, and Natalie

Ava yawning

Emma looks tired too

Emma, Emily, and Ava. Notice Emma is crying.

I don't know how I got this picture but I think its very flattering- ha ha.

Ava and Emily

Grandpa and Grandma Moser, Ava and Natalie

Brittany Larsen

The wedding cake, that is a fondant bow, by the way.

Emily and Mollie

Troy Foster, Paul Larsen, and Justin Larsen- all looking so handsom in their brown tuxes.

Jaycee and Emma

Stephen and Anisha

Ava loves brownies and ice cream. Its a good thing their dresses where the color of the chocolate syrup.