Monday, May 25, 2009

Emma does her exercises

I thought this was hilarious. She was watching her daddy. So cute.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

it's a little too quiet

The girls are so good to play with each other. This afternoon I was making chocolate chips cookies and I noticed that they were being a little too quiet. Usually that means they are into something. They love to unplug electrical cords, get into the pantry, and explore the bathroom wastebasket. But today I found them playing together in their room. Emma and Ava both love to crawl under stuff. They can usually be found under the end tables, under the dining table, or in this case, under Ava's crib. Emma is just relaxing under Ava's crib.
Emma and I had a little fight today, ok, we had more than one. She has been throwing little tantrums lately. I would just like to start this little story by saying that it is always my goal to make it to church on time. Well, Jeremy took yesterday off so I had extra help this morning getting the girls ready for church. All was going smoothly until about 8:30 am as I am trying to pull Emma's bangs out of her face. It started off with Emma wanting to hold the little hair elastics that I use. I usually put it in my mouth while I use both hands to comb and pull up their hair. So Emma has a little hair band in her front teeth and she continues to play. As I am combing her hair Jeremy is singing "Old McDonald" to try and distract her. The second I am ready to put the hair band in Emma's fit begins. She is arching her back, crying, twisting away from me, and attempting to move my hands with her hands. So, after 5 or 6 tries I gave up. It's now 8:45am and I have still got to finish getting ready for church. I am desperate and for my last attempt at pulling Emma's hair up I put her in her high chair. She of course doesn't want to cooperate and is throwing a little fit. But it keeps her still enough that I actually get her hair done. Whew! I usually have patience put today I had worn mine out and we hadn't even made it to church.
But we had a good day at church. The girls were very tired after a busy day of playing with all their friends in nursery. So I guess Emma and I have made up. I need to pray for more patience.
Ava is very easy going. She has been working on pulling herself up to things. Sometimes she uses her teeth to pull herself up and today she bit me twice trying to stand up next to me. She is really good at the actions to "5 little monkeys." She is especially good at the actions for "bumped her head" or as we sing it, "bonked her head." She is always trying new words she can say "Emma" and for her own name she says "Aba." It's pretty darn cute.
This clip is typical of them. If they aren't in this corner of the room they are in the other corner pressing the test button for the carbon monoxide alarm. It beeps loudly and scares them enough that they give me the "help me mom" look when I come looking for the source of the noise. Emma is in the red and Ava is wearing green.

new jammies

Emma has on the ladybug pjs while Ava is sporthing the cup cake line.

crawling...sort of

just learning...

Ava and Emma are learning to eat with utensils and plates. I have really had a hard time with this because it is just so much easier and less messy for me to feed them. But, alas, they are at an age where they should be able to handle plates and forks. So I let them try. Oh the messes. This is Emma, she is in need of a hair cut.
Ava does a lot better than Emma when it comes to eating with a fork or a spoon.

Princess rocking chair

Grandpa Ralph found this little pink rocking chair at a yard sale a couple weeks ago. The girls thing it is such a fun toy. Emma has now learned how to climb up, turn around and sit down. It took a few times of standing up and falling out backwards from the chair to figure this out. I love her little cheesy smile.
Emma has learned how to wink, but she blinks so here she is with another smile/wink/blink.
This is a wonderful picture of Ava's usual moring hair do. She has courser hair than Emma. Every morning we have to comb out the snarls. I should probably look into no more tangles stuff.

Bum in the air

This is how Emma loves to sleep. I can even try to bring her knees out from under her and she will still be asleep and pull her knees back in . So darling.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ava can stand!

Recently little miss Ava has been waking up in the mornings at 4:30 am. Really she is happy when she wakes up but I can't seem to get her to go back to sleep unless we lay on the couch and watch music videos. So yesterday Ava was so noisy she woke up Emma too. If I get them out of their beds they just want to play and 4:30am is not time to play. So I pulled a pillow and blanket into their bedroom and laid down on the floor in between their cribs. The girls continue to talk and play and as I opened my eyes I see Ava standing up! She just learned to pull herself up. I was super excited. She is doing really well going from standing to sitting too. Yea!