Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

It looks like the girls need a little more practice at the whole birthday thing. We will work on it. Happy birthday Jeremy! We made German chocolate cupcakes. Jeremy was home for his lunch break when we sang happy birthday to him. He received tickets to Silverwood from me and some chocolate covered almonds from the girls. Ralph and Rhonda took us out to lunch today too. What a fun birthday!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Aquatic Center

We went swimming again today. The girls just love it. We played in the kiddie pool, the wave pool, the lazy river, and I even got to go on a slide. Adam and Jennifer are having a blast-just look at those smiles.

The girls loved to play in the water. I think if Emma didn't have to breathe she would be a fish. Jeremy is here with the girls on the lazy river.

I was trying to get a good picture. I think this one is my favorite. Jen and Adam found their cute little pink swimming suits in Hawaii. I love the ruffle.

I even think Jeremy had fun today. He had to work this afternoon so we only stayed for a little while. It actually works out well because the girls were pooped after swimming.

Here is Rhonda on the slide. I could hear her squealing the whole way down.

Rhonda relaxing in her tube.

Emma and me

We had so much fun. I love the cooler weather. It's just warm enough to be outside but not too hot. Jeremy is starting a new job in July (Lewiston Police Dept.) and we are looking forward to the little break he gets to take in between. We have many projects that we could work on around the house but it so tempting to just play.

Friday, June 26, 2009

week 4

Our lawn looks amazing after just four weeks. The girls love to be outside and play in the grass.
This is the back yard. Our big tree out back provides shade all day long.

This is a nice picture of our neighbors fence... just kidding this is on the East side of the house looking from the back yard to the front.
This is in back yard looking west.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spokane and Manito Park

I just wanted to get some pictures up. I don't have time to journal tonight but I will work on catching up.
Ava had and appt with her neurosurgeon Dr. Ling in Spokane this last week. We usually go up and spend the night with Jeremy's sister Jennifer and her husband Adam. At Ava's appt the doctor was pleased with her head growth and her progess in development of her skills like crawling and cruising along furniture. She is such a wiggle worm. As Dr. Ling was trying to use his sensor to she what her shunt is set at I have to hold her still in my lap. Which, by the way, is nearly impossible. Our appt was quick and then we went to visit some friends at he Sacred Heart Neonatal Intesive Care Unit (NICU). We saw our friend Julie. She was Emma primary nurse. Later that evening we went out to dinner with the Leonards and we had a wonderful time. The girls were tired and went to bed pretty easily that evening.




Monday, June 22, 2009

phone home

Well our promotional rate for having a home phone was up so we decided to disconnect it. So if you need to get a hold of us please just call us on our cell phones.
Funny thing- Little kids are pretty good at telling the truth and this is what I heard last week from two different children:
1-"Is there a baby in your tummy?" NO! But I bet it looks like there maybe could be one.
2- "You look like a boy." I did have a baseball cap on because I woke up with a real nice hair do.
Sigh...kids say the funniest things.

Monday, June 15, 2009

some very fun visitors

Brittany and Dallas were here to visit for the weekend. We had a wonderful time relaxing, playing, and eating pizza. I am just doing a quick post with pictures for all my family reminding me to put pictures up. This is Ava and Dallas. I was in the process of making rolls and I clapped with flour on my hands to get Ava to look at the camera. Well it looks like it's snowing but really its not.
Emma watched me rolls out the rolls and I gave her a little piece of dough to play with.
The dough was sticky and her fingers were webbed.
Emma has a love for Little Debbie's oatmeal cookies. She at all of Dallas' stash.

Ava is checking out their snacks too.
We were able to play at the park.
Ava, Dallas, and Emma

Reading books
We went to the Aquatic Center on Saturday. It was in the 80s, but the sky was overcast so the girls were cold. Ava's cheeks were purple and Emma was constantly shivering. So we ended up swimming in doors. Aunt Brittany was swimming with Emma.
Aunt Brittany is pushing Ava and Emma around in the laundry basket.

We have had so much fun. I will post more about their visit when we get back from Spokane and Ava's appointments on Wednesday.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

new play house

We decided it was time to finally put this playhouse together today. We had been storing it in the garage, and I needed that space to store all my Christmas decorations. So... here it is. The girls love it. Ava is sitting on the left on a little bench seat and Emma is standing by the door.
Ava playing with the faucet.
Emma loves to open and close the little red door.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Papa, Shell, and JAY-See!

This last week my family was here to visit. It's amazing how quickly time goes by. We played, worked, and even shopped a little. We were playing so much that I didn't even take many pictures. So when my family got up to go home today, I woke the girls up and we got some pictures together.
Grandpa Troy (Papa), Emma, Ava, Jaycee (JAY-See!), and Grandma Michele (Shell)

Grandma Michele and Ava

I am really surprised that Michele was able to keep her eyes open when we took pictures this morning. Ava is still learning.

Emma wants to get down and Ava wants to know why Grandma is laughing.
Emma and Grandma Michele

Ava, Jaycee, and Emma

Jaycee and Ava

chocolate chip cookies

Ava as she starts to eat her cookie-

Ava after. She has been cutting teeth again and she wasn't feeling very well when I took this picture.
Emma as she starts her cookie-
And this is her at the end. She is so messy!

house work

We have been working hard outside to get some projects finished. We recently had new windows ands doors put in. While my parents were here we were able to finish up the painting and staining. This is my new storm door and the fiberglass door Troy and Michele helped me stian.

Michele and Jeremy were the window trim painters, doesn't it look good?

We have been planning to get a lawn in all spring and we finally were able to have hydroseed sprayed 8 days ago. I am really glad that we will have a lawn.

These shots are of the front yard. We haven't quite decided how to landscape the hill. We have been having troubles with puncture weeds (aka- goatheads, for my fellow southern idahoans) so we spray and spray and spray. GO AWAY!

I think the white trim looks a lot better. Troy and Michele- thanks for all the help this week. Jaycee- you are the best babysitter and I think right now you are Emma's favorite aunt (JAY-See!)