Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New tricks

Ava with turkey on her face.
Emma's home hair cut.

Emma loves to walk around she is so full of energy.
Emma has this little toy she pushes around and Ava can now roll to both sides.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

More pictures

It's been a little while since I posted any pics so here are a few of the recent weeks. Emma has been testing me when it's bedtime. This evening we were in a full out fight. Now, I don't mean a physical fight, but I mean a fight of wills. It took me two and a half hours to finally get her to settle down and go to sleep. Little stinker. This is Emma eating spaghetti.
Ava really liked the spaghetti too.
Emma finally going down for a nap, I think she is trying to think of ways to get out of sleeping.

Ava and her wild hair. She loves to get in the tub.

Ava has four little teeth on the bottom.

Ava posing as muscle woman.
Ava loves instant strawberry oatmeal for breakfast.
Emma loves toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here she has figured out how to get around the bumper pad.
Emma loves to crawl in the kitchen.

She loves to look out the sliding glass door and play with the blinds.

This is a little clip that I got of them when they were napping, they were both doing the same thing at the same time. So cute. This is Ava.

This is little Emma.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

We gots the barfs

I just wanted to write a little something about our recent round with the barf. Emma was sick earlier this week and the poor little thing just kept puking. Luckily, it only lasted a day. As the naive mom that I am I was on the phone with the pediatric nurse and she was telling me if Emma didn't have a terrible fever or sever diarrhea that she wouldn't need to be seen. Then I said to her, "Emma has a twin and how would I keep her from getting sick?" She paused, and I am sure she was thinking to herself, "This has got to be a first time mom." and then she explained that there wasn't anything I could do. Since then Emma has recovered from her queasiness and we were praying that Ava wouldn't get it.
This evening after we got home from Grandma Rhonda's house, I was feeding the girls their bottles and I sat Ava up to burp and it was one of those burps that you know has puke behind it. So I quickly put Emma on the floor and was making a run for kitchen sink with Ava. She only got little spot of barf on the carpet, but when we hit the tile floor she didn't hold back. I was holding her so she was forward facing. So as she is throwing up on the tile I am still running to the sink and I step in it and almost slip. She was able to hit the dishwasher, cabinets, kitchen rug, and the counter top. When she was finished laid her on the cleanest part of the kitchen rug to take off her dirty pjs. Emma being the curious girl she is, is now starting to crawl toward us. I use my loud voice and instruct her to stay put. She blatantly disobeys me and continues to crawl into the kitchen through all the vomit on the floor. I think I am going to puke just writing about this. I turn to look at Ava and she very pale, poor little thing.
It was a night to remember.