Saturday, November 6, 2010


We had a blast this Halloween. The girls picked out their costumes the first week in August. Ava is a dinosaur (dragon really) and Emma is a tiger (rarrrr!).

We found our cousins at the local trick or treat. Caleb, Leah (Lelah), and iron man Zack.

Ava and Aunt Emily (Emahlea)

Every day since Halloween the girls have asked to go trick or treating. We had to put up the treat baskets because I think there have been days when the only thing Ava will eat is her candy.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Its was Ava and Emma's 3rd birthday this last week. They sure had a blast, for a better flow start at the bottom and work your way up. Ava and Emma love Mickey Mouse and Pluto

Ava shaking her "budda" (booty)

Ava and Emma eating their cake, they were eating so slowly that I ended up taking it away so we could get to the presents.

Happy Birthday to you!

Emma, what a cheezer.

Emma is like a fish in water, no fear.

Baby "Addalyn" Addison
Emma and Jeremy
Ava sporting her life jacket, she really likes to float on her back.

Ava and Natalie
The girls had a blast, and Jeremy and I were very greatful that everyone had such a good time.
Emma still asks me everyday if she can blow out candles. Yeah, they are 3!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm back!

We now have the internet! Our computer died and it took us 8 months to take care of the whole situation. So now we are back on track. Just a little update on the girls: Ava is doing well. She is very talkative and loves to run and jump. She loves cats and dogs. She also loves to talk about
her daddy's new motorcycle "vroomm, vroom!". Emma is attempting to potty train. She loves treats and is constantly asking for a snack. Emma is a very good helper and loves to boss Ava around. Emma also has a more high strung personality that about drives me nuts, she can be sobbing one mintue and giggling the next, little turkey. She loves to ask, "What's your name?". Jeremy and I are working and we have a few guests staying with us so we have been busy. I'm glad I will be able to update this site more often!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

happy holidays

It's been over a month since I have touched this site and I am sorry that I am being such a slow poke... here are some pictures of the recent festivities.

Festival of trees- Thanksgiving weekend. Ava is OK sitting on Santa's lap but Emma is very concerned. She was out of there as soon as she possibly could be.

Emma likes to look at Santa but don't make her get too close. Jeremy and AvaThis was the girls at the ward Christmas party. This was a stretch for them to get this close to Santa.
Grandpa Troy and Emma Aunt Jaycee and Emma
Uncle Dallas, Jeremy, and Emma playing with Emily's itouch. It was all the rage.

Grandma Foster and the twins

Grandma Michele and Emma

Papa Troy and the girls trying to nap. Their sleeping schedule is always so off when we go on vacation. My dad used to do this with my sisters when they wouldn't take naps on Sunday afternoon.

Grandpa Foster and the twins

Emma thought the finger nail polish was lip gloss. Surprisingly she only got most of it on her face and not on her clothes. She was sitting on my lap when she opened it and it probably took me a whole minute to notice.

Aunt Emily (Emmamie) and the girls reading their favorite book about puppies.

Utah State basketball game- the girls were able to ride on a bus, see the Aggie bull, run around and watch a basketball game. They were sure tired by the end of the night.

I didn't get any pictures on Christmas eve. After dinner Ava and Emma were playing and Ava had a seizure. It was her first one it lasted 3 minutes. We rushed her to the ED at Logan Regional. She acted fine afterwards but she wasn't very happy with the IV start, CT scan, or the straight cath for a urine analysis. We usually play chimes on Christmas Eve at Grandma Moser's house and I hear Emma did a great job leading the group. So it was kind of a late start Christmas morning (8 a.m.) but I woke up to find my stocking with a note from Santa apologizing that he could fit my Escalade into his sleigh. Sigh... I must have been a really good girl. But I did get some scratch lottery tickets and I won... the satisfaction of scratching them. Wahoo!

Ava and Emma pile of presents. The cowboy bear was from the ED the night before.

Mom and Dad's tree and look at all the gifts!

Jeremy and Ava

Jaycee and Emily

Michele in those cute pink pajamas.

I think she is having a better day.
The girls received these cute little princess air mattresses. They love to lay on them.

Dad just finished hooking up the hot tub and boy did we enjoy it. The girls loved it too.
The girls in the hot tub. It was sure cold. When I got out my hair had icicles in it. brrrr.

Whew! Now we are home enjoying the snow. I posted a Christmas morning clip on youtube if you want to take a look
Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

You can tell by the look in Ava's eyes that she isn't absolutely thrilled to be at the trunk-r-treat. She had a rough afternoon and didn't nap as long as she needed to, I guess. Ava was a turtle this year and Emma was a puppy.
Emma on the other hand had a great time trick or treating until she met "the monster". Our friend, Dan, was chained in the back of his pickup with a mask and a wig. Needless to say Emma was not a fan and kept talking about the monster all night. She even told Grandma Michele about it and would like of use a scared voice. But I think she'll get over it. So Jeremy and I had a great time visiting with everyone but I hope next year the girls have more fun.

Carving pumpkins (pah-Kins!)

Last week we carved pumpkins and it was really fun. For some reason we kept putting it off like it was going to be a big mess or something and really it took us only 30 minutes. But the girls were a little unsure about the pumpkin guts. Emma has been really scared of new things lately. She could hardly stand to touch the pumpkin seeds. Ava really doesn't care. She wasn't feeling well and she was tired.

Ava wouldn't look at the camera.

We found some Mr. Potato Head like pieces to stick in the back of the pumpkins for a double effect.

Emma posing with the pah-Kins!