Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I am so excited for the new year. I have my goals set and I am planning to actually achieve them this year. Some of my new goals include: reading the Book of Mormon, hitting my goal weight, increasing my food storage, and saving money ahead of time for Christmas next year. We went out to dinner last night to a 50's style cafe call Way Back Cafe. Most of the girls' food ended up on the floor. But we had a good time. Afterward, we went to Locomotive Park with Jeremy's parents, Ralph and Rhonda, to finally see the Christmas lights.

I think this is a great picture of Ralph and Rhonda.
We went swimming on Monday night and Emma enjoyed it more this time. The pool was a little cool this time and Emma lips were a little purple and she was shivering.

Ava and Rhonda had fun.

Ava just always smiles. I was glad that their bathing suits still fit.

Emma and Jeremy are playing in the pool in the first clip. In the second clip, Emma is sitting in the shallow end while Ava plays with Rhonda.

Friday, December 26, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas, I really think the girls have had a great time too.
This was taken on Christmas Eve. Ava is on the left and Emma is on the right. We came home late from the Barnes' and the girls were so tired.
Emma says "Merry Christmas!"

Ava is playing with her Santa presents.
The girls are not quite sure what to think about Elmo. Elmo says, "Elmo loves you, kiss, kiss."

Ava and her baby Sadie.
Emma and baby Jayda.
Opening gifts at Grandma Rhonda's. Aunt Denise helped the girls. Emma is in pink and Ava is in purple.
Ava is a happy girl.

New toys.

Jeremy is relaxing on Christmas morning.
Cute bows baby Ava.
Emma got a new headband in her stocking .
Ava did too.

Ava in her new outfit from her cousins- Eli, Rory, and Jill.
Erin sewed little flowers on the onsies and made the cute skirts and hair bows- Thanks!
Grandpa Ralph has a new robot toy and Emma found it's remote, she loves remotes.
Natalie and Ava.

Cute new jammies from the Fosters. This is the morning after Christmas and they were so excited to play with some new toys.
I just got Emma out of the tub and her hair was so cute I had to get a picture.

Ava is happy its almost bed time. I love her little teeth that are coming in.

Emma fell asleep on Jeremy chest after we opened gifts at the Barnes'. She was talking to him and then she just went to sleep. Ava and Emma love their new Elmo. He is telling them a story. It's pretty cool.

So we had a great Christmas. We were all together this year and we are so glad the girls are doing so well. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fankle (fat ankle)

Poor Jeremy. He had a little accident while playing basketball Monday morning. He came home and this was our conversation
Jeremy, Owww!, I sprained my ankle again.
Natalie: Oh, honey, are you okay?
Jeremy: NO! I need to lay down.
Natalie: Oh let me see, yup it looks pretty swollen.
Jeremy: Can you get me some ibuprofen?
Natalie: Sure. ( I am trying to get ready to go to work.)
Jeremy: Can you get me some ice to put on my ankle.
Natalie: Of course, honey.
Jeremy: I need another pillow to go under my knee.
Natalie: I will get it right now.
Jeremy: How am I going to take care of the girls today, can you stay home from work?
Natalie: Uhh, hmm, I think you will be okay. You can call me if you need me to come home.
Jeremy: I can't believe you are leaving me home with the girls like this. It hurts so bad.

As I am getting ready to walk out the door, he is trying to get up and get something to eat.
Later on when I get home from work I find he and the girls made it through the day just fine. Jeremy is crawling around to keep weight off his ankle and Emma is following him where ever he goes. That night I asked Jeremy if he needed a real pain pill to sleep well and he said he didn't think that the pain was that bad. Fewh! Another almost catastrophe avoided.

Jeremy is not very excited about his ankle- as you can see.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

This and that

I made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies this evening. My plan was to take them around to the ladies that I visit teach. I had two little helpers in the kitchen today and they love cookie dough. Emma would hardly sit still long enough for me to snap a picture. She has cookie dough on her lips.
Ava sometimes pulls a sideways smile, but she likes cookie dough too.
This is her model pose.

We have snow at our house. I even called my parents and at that very moment it was colder here than it was there. Now that is really wierd. I love how the snow makes everything bright at night. I also love that it covers up my weeds in my yard.

Ava's smiling again, she is the happiest little girl. If you look closely you can see her two top teeth are coming in.

Emma loves to laugh and smile. She thinks anything is funny.

This is a clip at dinner the other night, we were all having a good time.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My little red honda

I recently sold my little red prelude to Jaycee. I never had many troubles with it and Jaycee has now had it for three weeks and look what happened. There was no damage to the car, wheew!

Good thing dad has a connection to someone with a snow plow. Oh little duganheimer, you be nice to my (your) car.

This week...

We had a lot of fun this week. The girls are so darling.
Ava and Emma in the tub, nice cheeser Emma.
Ava was laughing at the flash.

Emma is trying to get out of the tub.

One of Emma's many funny faces.

We went to visit Russel. He is the Jeremy's Uncle Wayne's younger brother. We had a nice chat, I even had to tell the girls to quiet down. I am holding Ava and Jeremy has Emma.

We found some new hats and mittens this week. It's been very cold. You must be asking youself, "Well, I wonder just how cold it is?" I will tell you we have had snow for three days now, I have never seen it actually stick before, and yesterday the high was 11, brrrr. I know I have become such a wimp.

Emma new favorite thing is to crawl into the kitchen. She is always at my feet. She licks the floor, she licks my legs and my toenails, really it's pretty gross. So, I have deep cleaned the kitchen floor so it is somewhat lickable.

Emma has a piece of ham stuck to her face from her ham sandwich.
The girls have been playing a lot together .
Emma likes to sit on Ava's lap.

She also likes to pull the lights off the tree...

And unwrap presents. Ava isn't crawling yet so I sat her by the tree so she could play with it and when Emma follows me to the kitchen I sit Ava in the kitchen too so she doesn't feel left out.
Below are two videos: 1- is Emma and her growl. 2- Is Ava trying to eat a fish in the bath tub.