Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

You can tell by the look in Ava's eyes that she isn't absolutely thrilled to be at the trunk-r-treat. She had a rough afternoon and didn't nap as long as she needed to, I guess. Ava was a turtle this year and Emma was a puppy.
Emma on the other hand had a great time trick or treating until she met "the monster". Our friend, Dan, was chained in the back of his pickup with a mask and a wig. Needless to say Emma was not a fan and kept talking about the monster all night. She even told Grandma Michele about it and would like of use a scared voice. But I think she'll get over it. So Jeremy and I had a great time visiting with everyone but I hope next year the girls have more fun.

Carving pumpkins (pah-Kins!)

Last week we carved pumpkins and it was really fun. For some reason we kept putting it off like it was going to be a big mess or something and really it took us only 30 minutes. But the girls were a little unsure about the pumpkin guts. Emma has been really scared of new things lately. She could hardly stand to touch the pumpkin seeds. Ava really doesn't care. She wasn't feeling well and she was tired.

Ava wouldn't look at the camera.

We found some Mr. Potato Head like pieces to stick in the back of the pumpkins for a double effect.

Emma posing with the pah-Kins!

Puppy party

So I am so very late at posting pictures of the girls birthday party here in Clarkston. We thought we would have a puppy theme and as I was planning I realized that I needed to plan way in advance to find all the puppy supplies I needed. So I improvised with little pom pon dogs that I made for the cake. Jeremy and I blew up balloons and I drew dog faces on them. Or what was supposed to be doggie faces. I am sure the girls didn't know the difference. We had family over and it was a big hit. The girls were super excited about all their gifts. Now we have puppy stuffed animals, puppy pictures, a puppy to walk besides all the books, clothes, car seats, etc etc. Emma can even sing parts of happy birthday.
Ava and me opening gifts.

Ava and her new puppy.
Emma loves puppies too.
Emma showing Aunt Jennifer her puppies from puppy surprise.
Emma loves to unwrap presents.

This little puppy is fun to pull around and I think Ava will get good practice walking the dog.

I even was surprised with a cake and gifts. I kinda like have combined birthday parties. Thanks to everyone we had so much fun.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Good little helpers

I have two little helpers that are very good at helping. These next pictures are from when we were visiting my parent's house. We made a gingerbread Halloween house so of course we needed help warming up the frosting.
Ava is a good frosting kneader.
So is Emma.
I guess they thought that mom needed help wearing her readers...
So Ava helped with that.
Here dad is trying to start a fire with his homemade torch...
Emma though that was very fun.
Mom's sink had a leak too. Ava is helping grandpa fix it.
Ava says, "Grandma I will help you be lazy in your lazy boy chair."

Ava then said, "Emmy I will help you be lazy on the couch!"
Dad is reading three little pigs and Emma loves it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bear Lake and the condo

So I am not much for thoughtful blogging right now. But here are some pictures from our recent trip to Preston. The girls were a little off when it came to sleeping so here is Ava zonked out on mom.
We had a little birthday party for the girls and me. Wow, who ever thought I would be 27.

Happy birthday to us!
The girls love the new tea party set and play food. They have cute little jackets, jellies, and a new puppy surprise.
Grandma Moser and Ava

Too many bums in the kitchen.
I must be the only seat in the house.

The beach on a cold day!

Grandpa Troy and Ava

Most days we went swimming and we played at the park. Some of the slides I remembered from 20 years ago when I used to play at that same park.

Ava is getting better at walking. She can take 20 steps on her own now.

Emma was not a fan of the merry go round.
Swimming, swimming! Emily, Emma, Ava, and Grandma Michele

The Nez Perce Co. Fair

My mom, Michele, was here in late September. I know it's been a heck of a long time since I blogged. But we went to the petting zoo, had a huge elephant ear, and a very large huckleberry ice cream cone.
Emma likes the turtle.

Ava acutally kissed the donkey on the side, yummo! More of the turle. I was afraid that he was going to bite her.