Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yummy french fries

We went out to eat this weekend with Jennifer, Adam, and Rhonda. It was the girls first time to actually sit in the high chairs at the restaurant. They did very well. They also tried french fries for the first time...
Emma loves french fries...

But not as much as Ava does.

Ava kept reaching for more, mmm french fries.

Emma had a cute poka dot bow in her hair.
Ava was so tired after our outing, we went during their nap time. After we were finished eating an older lady came over to our table to say hi to the girls. If you don't know, this is very typical. Every where we go people stop to talk to us. All I have to say is that everyone either is related to a twin or they "totally want twins!" Anyway, this older lady offered Ava some advice it went something like this, "If you eat too many fries, your behind will get too big and then you won't find a man." Now, I consider myself somewhat educated and I don't think this statement is rational. I see what the woman was inferring, but give the girls a break, it was their first time to try french fries. I remember as a child my grandma used to tell me that if I continued to pop my knuckles the only ring that would fit would come from a Kerr canning bottle. Hmm, no I don't wear a Kerr jar ring.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Emma loves the puppy

Emma and Izzy had a great time last weekend. Emma practically mauled Izzy and they were both having so much fun.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I lost the battle

Tonight it was my pleasure to serve the two little sugar pies some dinner. My mother-in-law, Rhonda, brought over some delightful banana squash which I spent all afternoon boiling and preparing to freeze. I must say the squash was the peak of my menu today. I ate two whole cups with salt and pepper and I was stuffed. Which is a feeling that I haven't had in a while. To continue with my story, Ava and Emma have had some of Grandma Rhonda's squash before. They eat the baby food squash all the time, so I hoped they would eat it yet again.
It was not to be, for as I presented the yellow mushed up squash I was declined. At first politely, with a simple closed mouth and shaking of the head. But then the refusal became more fierce, including attempting to take away the eating utensil, yelling, pounding of fists, throwing of sippy cups, smashing undesired food in hair and in all high chair crevices, and lastly spitting everything down the front of the onsies. So it was off to the tub for another warm soak to remove all leftovers from dinner.
Emma has squash and pudding all over.

Ava loves to play in her food.
"Uh, mom, I was thinking, maybe you should just feed me cookies." -Emma

"I am showing you my muscle woman pose to intimidate you!" -Ava

Ava has squash and pudding in her hair, she slaps her forehead occasionally as if she is saying, "Duh!"

She is less amused as dinner goes on.
Emma is trying to come up with a way to get out of eating her squash. Ponder, ponder.

"I've made a mess, now all I need is Aunt Emily to clean my high chair!" -Emma
"Yup, that sounds like a great idea, Emma, lets keep making huge messes until Aunt Emily gets here to clean up after us!"

To Aunt Emily: We are excitedly awaiting your arrival, please do not judged us, we already know cleanliness is Godliness.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Halloween... a little late

The girls had a great time this Halloween. They didn't mind wearing their costumes and they loved visiting everyone. We took them around during the afternoon to see friends and family and later that night we went to the trunk or treat with the Clarkston wards combined. We then went to Aunt Brei's birthday party. I think the girls were very tired. But it was so much fun.

Emma, Jeremy, Kelsi, Karina, Ava and Natalie at the Trunk or Treat.

Such tired girls!

Emma and Ron at Aunt Brei's birthday party.

These are our scary jack-o-lanterns.

The girls love Grandpa Ralph!
Ava and Emma chewing on Rhonda's co-workers things, like kitties do.

Emma looks like she is having tons of fun!

Emma is trying to crawl like a kitty.