Saturday, February 14, 2009

VD (valentines day, not the other vd), TP, and E.L.B.

Happy Valentines Day! We have had a wonderful day. We made sugar cookies and the girls love them. They are able to hold the whole cookie and take little bites. Here is Ava she is a cookie monster. Jeremy bought me a new digital camera so I have taken 70 pictures in the last two days. So here are some of my favorites.

Emma and Ava are posing in their new zip up sweat shirts, they have hearts of them.

Ava and her gift from her daddy, her shirt says I don't give a hoot, which matched her attitude today.

Emma and her heart.

The cookie monster, Ava.

Here I am frosting cookies, I think I ate too many.

Emma and her cookie.

Emma loves her spatula.
Emma has been getting into things lately.

Emma in the pantry.

Jeremy was in the shower and Emma was hanging out in the bathroom and I come in to find this... lil' Emma and the toilet paper.
"oops, I'm in trouble, mama, don't be mad."
Uh, oh, what's Emma up to now.
Ha ha Emma is in trouble, smirking as she thinks this.

Cute heart hair bows from Grandma Rhonda.

I love this photo of Ava.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This month we have had some fun days playing together. The girls love sugar cookies, macaroni and cheese and canned peaches. Here is what Emma typically looks like at the end of dinner. I usually put a bib on but I was going to start the laundry that night so I just them enjoy dinner.
I was able to put little piggy tails in today, but after a nap they were falling out. Emma has a tender head, like her Aunt Emily. So I think she is named appropriately.

Ava's cute piggies.

Emma likes to sleep on top of the blankets.More of Ava's cute piggies.

This week Grandma Rhonda finished these adorable dresses and coats for the girls. They were so cute on Sunday. Jeremy and I had to speak so we sort of pawned off the girls to some friends during sacrement meeting. Everyone loved the cute new outfits. Thanks Rhonda
Here is Emma. She would hardly sit still long enough for me to get a picture.
Cheesy Emma.

Ava with an even bigger cheesy smile.

Emma getting her pjs on, look how big her feet are.
Ava can roll around where she wants to now. She rolled out of her towel while I was putting a diaper on Emma. She was so cute.


Ava waving at the camera.

Ava loves to wave. She has been waving for a while but she was waving to herself. It just so darn cute and of course Emma has her two bits.