Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm back!

We now have the internet! Our computer died and it took us 8 months to take care of the whole situation. So now we are back on track. Just a little update on the girls: Ava is doing well. She is very talkative and loves to run and jump. She loves cats and dogs. She also loves to talk about
her daddy's new motorcycle "vroomm, vroom!". Emma is attempting to potty train. She loves treats and is constantly asking for a snack. Emma is a very good helper and loves to boss Ava around. Emma also has a more high strung personality that about drives me nuts, she can be sobbing one mintue and giggling the next, little turkey. She loves to ask, "What's your name?". Jeremy and I are working and we have a few guests staying with us so we have been busy. I'm glad I will be able to update this site more often!